Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last-Minute Halloween Links

As I'm getting ready for my Halloween show, I thought I'd pass along some last-minute Halloween goodies.

I should start by noting my earlier "Obligatory Horror Post" and "Things That Make Me Happy" posts. Rather than repeat myself I'll just suggest you read up on the sites I linked there. Missing from those posts though is Zombie Astronaut-an online audio zine devoted to old-time radio horror. It's the site that turned me on to Scar Stuff and is generally filled with great material. Plus it fulfills your Daily Recommended Allowance for bad horror puns.

Also, as noted in "Things That Make Me Happy," I'm a MST3K fan. Halloween is, I think, best spent with a bowl of Cheez Poofs, a glass of cola (store-brand if you can find it) and a bad B-movie to watch in between waves of trick-or-treaters. The DAP dropped two new DVDs this month: 0307-Daddy-O and 0704-The Incredible Melting Man. I haven't seen either so I can't give you a full synopsis/review but two new episodes from the third and seventh season respectively is pretty hard to beat. And if neither of those tickle your fancy maybe one of the 66 others will.

Finally, speaking of B-movies, I know I mention this site all the time, but it's so great. The Internet Archive. 717 Feature Films all available for download-free and legal. Two words for you: Roger Corman.

Enjoy the links and

PS. I know you didn't go back and check the earlier posts so just to make it easier, here's Night of the Living Dead.

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