Friday, December 15, 2006

MST3K 0405 - Being From Another Planet

MST3K 0405 - Being From Another Planet

At one point Joel and the bots start singing "boring, boring" to the film's background score and it's hard to disagree. A fantastically brainless film about an alien that was mummified in ancient Egypt and has now been released by a half-witted frat boy at some nondescript California college. The frat boy stole some crystals from the mummy-alien's coffin and now the alien-mummy is hunting down each person with a crystal one by one. And never more thant one by one. It's like he's got a daily bagging limit and can only kill one annoying, utterly unemployable actor a day.

It's a simple enough concept, but wait, there's more! The I-want-my-mummy is covered with a special alien space fungus that starts immediately eating the flesh of anyone who touches it. But that's not all-there's also the college's publicity-hungry dean and his conniving assistant who are trying to undermine the professor that brought the $0-spent-on-special-effects monster back to the college. And did I mention that the professor is sleeping with one of his students? That's not a plot point in the movie, it's just going on and every body's cool with it.

A really plodding and awful film. Servo, at the end of the movie, declares it the worst movie they've ever seen which causes Joel and Crow to list every movie the crew of the SOL have riffed up to that point. It's impressive. Highlights from the film include Crow and Servo freaking out every time the monster's green, not-quite night vision POV is shown and the professor's student/girlfriend running from the monster for freaking ages only to have her defend the monster after it shoves her off a roof. There's a lot wrong with this picture beyond the script, which coincidentally was written by Tom Friedman. Not the NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, just a man with the same name who's just as bad at his job as Thomas Friedman.

Rating: 3/5

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