Saturday, February 17, 2007

Massive Music Weekend: The Mountain Goats/Daniel Johnston

Artist Album TrackName
The Mountain Goats March 10, 2002 I've Got the Sex
The Mountain Goats Tallahassee No Children
The Mountain Goats All Hail West Texas The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
The Mountain Goats Ghana The Anglo-Saxons
The Mountain Goats Devil in the Shortwave Genesis 19:1-2
The Mountain Goats The Coroner's Gambit There Will Be No Divorce
The Mountain Goats Zopilote Machine Grendel's Mother
The Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed Against Pollution
The Mountain Goats See America Right New Chevrolet in Flames
The Mountain Goats Nine Black Poppies Cubs in Five
The Mountain Goats March 10, 2002 The Sign
Daniel Johnston Artistic Vice My Life is Starting Over
Daniel Johnston Yip/Jump Music Casper the Friendly Ghost
Daniel Johnston 1990 True Love Will Find You in the End
Daniel Johnston Welcome to My World Walking the Cow
Daniel Johnston Yip/Jump Music Sorry Entertainer
Daniel Johnston Fun Foxy Girl
Daniel Johnston The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered/Covered Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievience
Daniel Johnston Yip/Jump Music Speeding Motorcycle
Daniel Johnston Fear Yourself Love Not Dead
Daniel Johnston Welcome to My World Living Life

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