Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm kind of loving where the current Sinfest storyline is going: Bad Behavior.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Party Invitation


I have come from where I find small bloodstains on my bedsheets to this new place where the discoveries are of a different nature. So a commemoration, as we do. This time: rough draft Halloween. Dress up, but not in everything. Save yourself. See this as part of the repetition: Preperation, preperation, preperation.

Let's all plug in to the telepathic disco, hard up for hand me downs no more, and the Koinos Kosmos gets us through the door.

This is the fall. This is the harvest season. This is when things lie down dead to begin anew. There will be a reckoning. There will be a calling to account.

Collage is not a refuge for the compositionally disabled. It's an evolution beyond narrative.

There are plans. There will be a progression. There will be an order.

I often use my mouth too, as two hands aren't enough, and the mouth is such a versatile tool for holding.

Beer, liquor, mixers, snacks, dinner, vegan ice cream birthday cake, and things not spoken yet.

Because you didn't understand what the point of anything was, so the future didn't save a place for you.

Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember? When we were magic.

Learn to be an honest monster.

Saturday 19:00 23.10.2010 Here:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Written on a Cocktail Napkin at a Bar

You're the kind of girl guys lose themselves over completely. So be gentle with him. He won't care if you're not, but it's better for you if you are. Devotion is an underrated commodity.