Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Story Slam: Sundry Pieces

I realized I haven't posted the various Story Slam pieces I've done over the past few months, so here they are.

First, The Great Outdoors where, for me, stepping out into the wild unfamiliar means going to New York with friends from Indiana.

Next, my piece from the Grand Slam whose theme was Dilemma. This is the story of my first two trips to the Indiana Academy.

Third, Liar Liar, where I try to tell a story about how we all ultimately lie about ourselves to ourselves in mixtape form. I hadn't rehearsed, hadn't sorted it out on paper the way I wanted, and, just reviewing the video to try to remember what the story was, I notice I mumbled a lot, making the story even more unintelligible.

Finally, Busted, the story of the job that broke me.

As a bonus, First Person Arts asked me to write a piece for their blog. Help Me Bro is one of the stories from my time working at a gas station in Houston. Other stories include selling beer-by-the-can at rush hour in little "DUI bags," finding myself the subject of a sting operation, and an itinerant carpenter walking the 45 miles to downtown.