Monday, April 30, 2007

97. 2007-04-30 "Is There a Name for This?"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:01 AM Hedwig and the Angry Inch Tear Me Down Hedwig and the Angry Inch
12:05 AM The Evolution Control Committee I Want a Cookie Plagarythm Nation 2.0
12:09 AM Electric Six Electric Demons in Love Fire
12:12 AM Troubled Hubble 14,000 Things to Be Happy About Making Beds in a Burning House
12:17 AM Preston School of Industry Caught in the Rain Monsoon
12:21 AM Idlewild Finished it Remains Make Another World
12:25 AM The Bust Running From the Noose (This, the Last Drink) The Bust
12:30 AM Hot Water Music Trusty Chords Caution
12:32 AM Bad Religion I Want to Conquer the World Punk-O-Rama Vol. 6
12:34 AM Pearl Jam Do the Evolution rearviewmirror
12:38 AM New York Dolls Dance Like a Monkey Dance Like a Monkey
12:42 AM Dean Gray American Jesus American Edit
12:51 AM Iggy Pop Lust for Life Trainspotting
12:57 AM The Science Fiction Idols Hey Little Demon Diamonds and Demons
1:00 AM The Karl Hendricks Trio Naked and High on Drugs For a While, it Was Funny
1:03 AM Adam Evil & the Outside Royalty Love Song at the End of the World Adam Evil & the Outside Royalty
1:07 AM Pure Joy Calvin and Hobbes Unsung
1:11 AM The Rolling Stones Loving Cup Exile on Main St.
1:16 AM Nick Lowe The Beast in Me The Impossible Bird
1:18 AM The Mountain Goats Woke Up New Get Lonely
1:22 AM Bruce Springsteen Growin' Up Tracks
1:25 AM Bright Eyes Devil Town The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered/Covered
1:28 AM Soul Coughing Unmarked Helicopters Songs in the Key of X
1:31 AM Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Siamese Dream
1:36 AM The Tragically Hip Fireworks Phantom Power
1:42 AM My Sexiest Mistake Me Llamo Caliente Steel City Scene: Dead End World
1:44 AM The Other Ones Corrina The Strange Remains
1:56 AM Train Free Train
2:00 AM They Might Be Giants Whistling in the Dark Flood
2:03 AM Porcupine Tree Trains In Absentia
2:09 AM Warren Zevon Desperados Under the Eaves I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
2:14 AM The Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil Hot Rocks 1964-1971
2:22 AM Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Surrealistic Pillow
2:24 AM The Wolfgang Press Mama Told Me Not to Come (Go Back) Mama Told Me Not to Come
2:32 AM Beck Black Tambourine Guero
2:35 AM Finley Quaye Beautiful Nature Much More Than Much Love
2:38 AM Jamiroquai Canned Heat Canned Heat
2:42 AM Tricky Tricky Kid Pre-Millenium Tension
2:46 AM Royksopp Follow My Ruin The Understanding
2:50 AM Junior Senior Move Your Feet D-d-don't Don't Stop the Beat
2:54 AM MC Honky Sonnet No. 3 (Like a Duck) I Am the Messiah
2:58 AM Roni Size/Reprasent Who Told You? In the Mode
3:02 AM Beastie Boys Intergalactic Hello Nasty
3:05 AM The Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive Vegas
3:12 AM The Chemical Brothers Believe Push the Button
3:18 AM Baxter Television Baxter
3:23 AM Fatboy Slim Acid 8000 You've Come a Long Way, Baby
3:31 AM Orb Little Fluffy Clouds (Heavyweight Dub) Orbscure Trax
3:38 AM 311 All Mixed Up All Mixed Up
3:41 AM Dragon Ash United Rhythm (feat. 43K, EIG) Harvest
3:45 AM Cake I Will Survive I Will Survive
3:50 AM Belle and Sebastian The State I Am In Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
3:55 AM The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society Are the Village Green Preservation Society
3:58 AM The Undertones Teenage Kicks DIY: Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

14. 2007-04-24

Artist Album TrackName
Jandek Twelfth Apostle Walking
Explosions In The Sky All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone The Birth and Death of the Day
Life Without Buildings Any Other City PS Exclusive
Les Savy Fav Inches Obsessed with the Excess
Negativland Escape From Noise Car Bomb
Marnie Stern In Advance of the Broken Arm Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!!
Aqueduct Or Give Me Death With Friends Like These
Billy Bragg Don't Try This at Home Accident Waiting to Happen
Less Than Jake Anthem The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out
Guided By Voices Do The Collapse Teenage FBI
The Casket Lottery Survival is for Cowards What I Built Last Night
Lifter Puller Fiestas & Fiascos Space Humping $19.99
Carlos Devil's Slide Never Going Back
Cobra Verde Vintage Crime EP Every God For Himself
Lenola The Electric Tickle Slipping Under the Shadows
Wesley Willis Greatest Hits I'm Sorry That I Got Fat
Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West Doin' the Cockroach
The Flaming Lips Hit to Death in the Future Head Hit Me Like You Did the First Time
Push Button Objects Ghetto Blaster 360 Degrees
Danger Doom The Mouse and the Mask A.T.H.F.
Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030 Turbulence (Remix)
Lesser/Kid-606 split CD Catnap (...Speaking of People With Mental Disorders in the Electronic Music Industry)
Tigers & Monkeys Loose Mouth Rave On
Various Artists 8-Bit Operators 8-Bit Weapon - Spacelab
Various Artists Let's Lazertag Sometime Ddamage - Ink 808/Krazy Baldhead Remix
The Evolution Control Committee Plagiarythm Nation I Want a Cookie
Public Enemy By the Time I Get to Arizona By the Time I Get to Arizona
Dead Prez Let's Get Free Hip-Hop
The Coup Party Music Ride the Fence
Broken Hearted Dragonflies Insect Electronica From Southeast Asia The Dusk Singers
Various Artists Kompakt Total 6 DJ Koze - Hicc Up
Amon Tobin Foley Room Always
Various Artists Om HipHop Volume One J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science feat. Deuce Eclipse - Que Pasa

Monday, April 23, 2007

96. 2007-04-23 "Mixtape Madness: The Happy Tape"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:01 AM We're Wolves 96 Entries for "Happy" Revolved Back to Failure
12:04 AM Desmond Dekker & the Aces Israelites The Harder They Come: Deluxe Edition
12:07 AM Bob Marley & the Wailers Jamming Africa Unite: The Singles Collection
12:10 AM Big Brother & the Holding Company Combination of the Two Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
12:16 AM John Mellencamp I Need a Lover The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988
12:24 AM Raul Malo Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer: the Songs of Stephen Foster
12:28 AM The Carter Family Wildwood Flower Anchored in Love
12:31 AM Bob Dylan Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
12:40 AM The Beatles Yellow Submarine 1
12:43 AM Grateful Dead Hell in a Bucket Dozin' at the Knick
12:50 AM Phish Bouncing Around the Room A Live One
12:55 AM The Wallflowers How Good it Can Get Red Letter Days
12:59 AM Bob Dylan Don't Think Twice, it's All Right The Essential Bob Dylan
1:03 AM Nina Simone Feeling Good Verve//Unmixed
1:06 AM Stevie Wonder I Believe (When I Fall in Love it WIll Be Forever) High Fidelity
1:11 AM Beck Nicotine & Gravy Midnite Vultures
1:16 AM Jimi Hendrix Third Stone From the Sun Are You Experienced?
1:25 AM Electric Six Gay Bar Fire
1:27 AM Lo Fidelity Allstars On th Pier (featuring Bootsy Collins) Don't Be Afraid of Love
1:34 AM Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
1:40 AM Cornershop Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Full-Length Remix) Brimful of Asha
1:48 AM Bran Van 3000 Speed Discosis
1:54 AM Blur Girls and Boys The Best of
1:59 AM Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces St. Elsewhere
2:02 AM Blackalicious Passion (featuring Rakaa & Babu of Dilated Peoples) Blazing Arrow
2:06 AM The Dust Brothers This is Your Life (featuring Tyler Durden) Fight Club
2:09 AM Apollo Four Forty Stop the Rock Gettin' High on Your Supply
2:13 AM Andrew W. K. Party Hard I Get Wet
2:16 AM Ween Voodoo Lady Chocolate & Cheese
2:21 AM Screeching Weasel Judy is a Punk Kill the Musicians
2:23 AM Descendents Thank You Everything Sucks
2:25 AM James Venable Buttercup The City of Soundsville
2:28 AM The Science Fiction Idols Hey Little Demon Diamonds and Demons
2:31 AM James Kochalka Superstar Rainbow Love Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly
2:33 AM Robert Randolph & the Family Band Diane Colorblind
2:36 AM Bryan Bowers The Scotsman Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
2:39 AM Dropkick Murphys Boys on the Docks (Murphy's Pub Version) Do or Die
2:42 AM The Moldy Peaches Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches
2:45 AM Spoon The Way We Get By Kill the Moonlight
2:48 AM The Mountain Goats This Year The Sunset Tree
2:53 AM Crooked Fingers New Drink for the Old Drunk Crooked Fingers
2:56 AM Kula Shaker Hey Dude K
3:01 AM Fountains of Wayne New Routine Traffic and Weather
3:05 AM The Dandy Warhols Godless Godless
3:09 AM Idlewild No Emotion Make Another World
3:13 AM Ben Folds (featuring William Shatner) Rockin' the Suburbs (Over the Hedge Version) Over the Hedge
3:19 AM Nada Surf Popular High/Low
3:22 AM The Dismemberment Plan Back and Forth Emergency & I
3:27 AM Imperial Teen Million $ Man On
3:32 AM Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun Add it Up
3:34 AM Eels Living Life The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discover/Covered
3:37 AM Christine Fellows Double Takes Paper Anniversary
3:41 AM Michael Franti and Spearhead Never Too Late Everyone Deserves Music
3:46 AM The Flaming Lips Do You Realize?? Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
3:50 AM The Smashing Pumpkins Muzzle Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
3:53 AM The Mr. T Experience Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Love is Dead
3:57 AM The Kleptones Last Words (A Tribute) Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots

We played Mad Libs on the air. The result follows:

If you go to some semi-comatose place like Yellowstone National kitten, you must know how to deal with the wild animals such as bears and wolves and kittens. The most important of these is the bear. There are three kinds of bears, the grizzly bear, the spectacular bear, and the yellow bear. Bears spend most of their time genuflecting or bouncing. They look very enjoyable, but if you make them annoying, they might bite your stone. Bears will come up to your car and beg for bananas. They will stand on their hind legs and clap their legs together and pretend to be lost. But do not get out of your moped or offer the bears shrimp scampi or kebabs. This same advice applies to other wild creatures such as worms and fish. Remember all these rules and you will spend your vacation haphazardly and not get eaten by a pillow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

13. 2007-04-17

Artist Album TrackName
Jandek Lost Cause Babe I Love You
The Berg Sans Nipple Along the Quai Mystic Song
UNKLE Never Never Land Safe in Mind (Please Take This Gun From Out My Face)
Jazzanova In Between No Use
TM Juke Foward Life, Rain, Fall
Tobias Lilja Time Is On My Side A Ruthless Beast
Jackie-O Motherfucker Flags of The Sacred Harp Hey! Mr. Sky
Josef K Entomology Crazy to Exist
United States Three Le Temps du Tempo You've Got a Lot
Pohgoh In Memory of Bab Chapel of Ghouls
Various Artists Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernikel - A Concept Album Guided By Voices - Titus and Strident Wet Nurse (Creating Jeffrey)
Velocity Girl Copacetic Copacetic
Quasi Featuring "Birds" The Happy Prole
Fountains of Wayne Fountains of Wayne Leave the Biker
Junior Senior D-d-don't Don't Stop the Beat Move Your Feet
Junkie XL Radio JXL: A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin Spirits (featuring Saffron)
Macromantics Moments in Movement Dark Side of Dallas (featuring Ground Components)
Kabir Peaceful Solutions Eyes Wide Open
Mojoe classic.ghetto.soul 3rd Coast Anthem
Various Artists Stop And Listen 5 Nina Simone - See Line Woman
The Late Great Daniel Johnston Discovered Covered Bright Eyes - Devil Town
Ugly Cassanova Sharpen Your Teeth Spilled Milk Factory
The Ramones Their Toughest Hits The KKK Took My Baby Away
MU330 Ultra Panic KKK Hiway
MU330 Ultra Panic Serious
The Vandals Internet Dating Super Studs My Brother is Gay
Tora! Tora! Torrance! A Cynics Nightmare I Thought This Was a Punk Show
MxPx Teenage Politics Punk Rawk Show
Rancid And Out Come the Wolves Ruby Soho
Juno and The Dismemberment Plan Juno And The Dismemberment Plan The Dismemberment Plan - The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
Venetian Snares The Chocolate Wheelchair Album Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Townes Van Zandt Absolutely Nothing Waiting Around to Die
Various Artists Trojan Calypso Box Set Derrick Harriott - Happy Times

Monday, April 16, 2007

95. 2007-04-16 "Tralfamadore"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:03 AM Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules Mad World  
12:06 AM Sigur Ros Glosoli Takk...
12:12 AM The Mountain Goats Genesis 19:1-2 Devil in the Shortwave
12:15 AM The Mountain Goats Yoga Devil in the Shortwave
12:18 AM John Vanderslice Time Travel is Lonely Time Travel is Lonely
12:22 AM Morphine Cure for Pain Cure for Pain
12:25 AM Bob Marley & the Wailers No Woman, No Cry (Live) Africa Unite: the Singles Collection
12:33 AM Gomez Flight We Haven't Turned Around
12:36 AM Roger Waters Comfortably Numb The Wall: Live in Berlin
12:45 AM Derek & the Dominos Layla The Layla Sessions
12:53 AM The Clash I'm Not Down London Calling
12:57 AM Troubled Hubble Try to Find Penturbia
1:02 AM Guster Happier Lost and Gone Forever
1:06 AM Midlake Bandits The Trials of Van Occupanter
1:10 AM Aqualung Vapour Trail Memory Man
1:16 AM Beck Nobody's Fault But My Own Mutations
1:21 AM Mike Doughty Your Misfortune Haughty Melodic
1:24 AM The Dudley Corporation Glance In Love With the Dudley Corporation
1:27 AM MC Honky A Good Day to Be You (featuring Kool G Murder) I Am the Messiah
1:31 AM Red House Painters Lord Kill the Pain Down Colorful Hill
1:39 AM Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Compact Jazz
1:43 AM Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Because of Her Beauty The Bridge
1:51 AM Marvin Gaye What's Going On What's Going On
1:55 AM Pulp Mile End Trainspotting
2:00 AM Dot Allison Colour Me Afterglow
2:04 AM Air Bathroom Girl The Virgin Suicides
2:07 AM Mason Williams Classical Gas Music: 1968-1971
2:09 AM Eels Novocaine for the Soul Novocaine for the Soul
2:12 AM Dragon Ash Morrow Harvest
2:17 AM Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
2:24 AM The Postal Service Clark Gable Give Up
2:29 AM Joe Hisaishi Requiem Princess Mononoke
2:32 AM Radiohead High and Dry The Bends
2:36 AM Idlewild You and I Are Both Away Make Another World
2:41 AM The New Pornographers Letter From an Occupant Mass Romantic
2:45 AM The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers Ammunition for a Bolt-Action Heart The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia
2:49 AM Spiritualized Walking With Jesus Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997 Live
2:54 AM Neko Case That Teenage Feeling Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
2:57 AM The Divine Comedy To Die a Virgin Victory for the Comic Muse
3:01 AM Pretty Girls Make Graves This is Our Emergency Matador at 15
3:05 AM The Promise Ring Emergency! Emergency! Very Emergency
3:08 AM Carlos Quit Your Job Ten Years of Noise Pop: 1993-2002
3:11 AM Duvall Standing At the Door Volume & Density
3:14 AM The Tragically Hip Fireworks Fireworks
3:18 AM Bad Astronaut Jessica's Suicide Armchair Martian vs. Bad Astronaut
3:23 AM Ramones Sheena is a Punk Rocker All the Stuff (And More) Volume One
3:26 AM Sex Pistols Holidays in the Sun Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols
3:30 AM Public Image Ltd Rise The Greatest Hits, So Far
3:36 AM Big Audio Dynamite Rush (Live) Looking for a Song
3:44 AM Robert Pollard Waved Out Waved Out
3:46 AM Nada Surf Always Love All You Need is Love
3:49 AM Chuck Berry No Particular Place to Go The Chess Box
3:52 AM Mission of Burma Academy Fight Song Mission of Burma
3:55 AM Harvey Danger Little Round Mirrors Little By Little

Friday, April 13, 2007

Subbing for Viva le Mock II

Artist Album TrackName
Jandek Somebody in the Snow Walking Around
Fela Kuti Box Set 3 Authority Stealing (Part 1)
Charles Mingus Passions of a Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings Passions of a Woman Loved
John Coltrane Complete Impulse Studio Recordings - The Classic Quartet A Love Supreme, Part IV - Psalm
Kid Koala Excerpts from "Your Mom's Favorite DJ" Stoppin Traffic/Tracks, Etc./Slew Test 1/Lunch with Pavlov
DJ Shadow Endtroducing (Deluxe Edition) Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
Lyrics Born Overnite Encore Love Me So Bad
K-OS Atlantis: Hymns For Disco Equalizer
Nine Inch Nails Sin Get Down Make Love
brainbombs Genius and Brutality/Taste and Power Angels Crawling
Blur Blur Song 2
Peaches Impeach My Bush You Love it
Princess Superstar My Machine I Like it a Lot
M.I.A. Arular Amazon
Flogging Molly Swagger Salty Dog
Dropkick Murphys The Singles Collection Boys on the Docks (Live)
The North Atlantic Wires in the Walls Scientist Girl
The Clash London Calling Rudie Can't Fail
New York Dolls One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This Dance Like a Monkey
Piebald Accidental Gentlemen There's Always Something Better to Do (The Strutter)
The Dead Milkmen Eat Your Paisley! Beach Party Vietnam
Thunderlords Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids Old Man Olaf
Guided By Voices Jellyfish Reflector Man Called Aerodynamics
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Stars and Stripes of Corruption
Various Artists 20 Years of Dischord Minor Threat - Screaming at a Wall
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Have A Ball Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard
Atom and His Package Redefining Music Going to Georgia
Another Electronic Musician Patience Overall
Various Artists The Sesame Street Book and Record Rubber Duckie
Troubled Hubble Penturbia I Love My Canoe
Aqualung Strange and Beautiful Easier to Lie
Eels Daisies of the Galaxy Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
James Laid Laid
The Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy People Who Died
The Mountain Goats Tallahassee No Children
Iggy Pop Choice Cuts Nightclubbing
Camper Van Beethoven Cigarettes & Carrot Juice Sampler Take the Skinheads Bowling
The Late Great Daniel Johnston Discovered Covered Bright Eyes - Devil Town
Tigers & Monkeys Loose Mouth Rave On
The Weakerthans Reconstruction Site Plea From a Cat Named Virtue
The Twilight Singers Powder Burns Forty Dollars
Various Artists I Killed The Monster Dot Allison - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances
Negativland Over The Edge Vol. 7: Time Zones Exchange Program The Piddle Diddle Reort: After the Rain, Let's Take a Few Calls, Photos of Mrs. Gorbachev, Computercoup, Atom Spy
The Pixies Surfer Rosa Where is My Mind?
Placebo Pure Morning Pure Morning
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver North American Scum
Various Artists 8-Bit Operators Covox - Computer Love
Various Artists Om HipHop Volume One Zion I and the Grouch - Hit 'Em
Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas On the Road to Las Vegas...
Various Artists Headz2 A The Dust Brothers - Searching
Various Artists Brazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes Session 7 Intuit - Preguicoso (Versao Acustico)
Jeff Beck Group orange Going Down
Buzzcocks The Peel Sessions What Do I Get
Various Artists The Hobbit The Hobbit
8-Bit Construction Set The 8-Bit Construction Set Saucemaster
The Electric Hellfire Club Empathy for the Devil Sympathy for the Devil

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

12. 2007-04-10

Artist Album TrackName
Jandek The Living End The Living End
!!! Myth Takes Yadnus
Black Lips Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo Stranger
Bloc Party A Weekend In The City I Still Remember
Blonde Redhead 23 The Dress
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Thug Stories Do it Again
Boogie Boarder What Riding Waves is All About Backyard Catapult
The Book of Knots Traineater The Ballad of John Henry
Gui Boratto Chromophobia Shebang
Bracken We Know About the Need Evil Teeth
Billy Bragg 2006 Reissue Sampler Help Save the Youth of America
Burial Burial Southern Comfort
Busdriver RoadKillOvercoat (Bloody Paw) On the Kill Floor
The Bust The Bust Feel Like a Man
BZE Cuban Smoke Sessions Volume 2 Lose Control (feat. Omar-Abdul)
Calla Collisions It Dawned On Me
Camera Obscura Let's Get Out of This Country Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Car Bomb Centralia Best Intentions
casper & the cookies the optimists club Barking in the Garden of Ill Repute
Catfish Haven Tell Me Another Late Night
Channels Waiting for the Next End of the World To the New Mandarins
Susan Christie Paint A Lady Paint a Lady
David & the Citizens Until the Sadness is Gone Graycoated Morning
Tigers & Monkeys Loose Mouth Rave On
Clan of Xymox Breaking Point What's Going On
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Some Loud Thunder Satan Said Dance
Collective Efforts Medicine Medicine
Colleen Colleen et Les Boites a Musique Will You Gamelan for Me?
Comus Song to Comus: The Complete Collection In the Lost Queen's Eyes
Bobby Conn King For A Day Mr. Lucky
consequence Callin' Me Callin' Me
Graham Coxon Love Travels at Illegal Speeds Standing on My Own Again
Ryan Lee Crosby b/w The Instances Split Cassette The Instances - The Mist Covered Mountains of Pittsburgh
The Curtains Calamity Wysteria
Various Artists Chrome Children Madlib - Take it Back
Dactyl Teething Dry. Snitch
Dan The Automator 2K7 Hieroglyphics - Don't Hate the Player

Monday, April 09, 2007

94. 2007-04-09 "Pure Self-Indulgence"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:07 AM The Pixies Where is My Mind? Death to the Pixies
12:11 AM Tom "T-Bone" Stankus Existential Blues Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
12:17 AM Johnny Cash Redemption Song (with Joe Strummer) Selections from Cash Unearthed
12:22 AM Nina Simone Sinnerman Verve//Unmixed 2
12:32 AM Santana Eurpoa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) Viva Santana
12:40 AM James Kochalka Superstar Britney's Silver Can Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly
12:45 AM Christine Fellows Vertebrae Paper Anniversary
12:49 AM John Vanderslice The Mansion Treats
12:54 AM Phish Chalkdust Torture A Live One
1:01 AM Rage Against the Machine The Ghost of Tom Joad No Boundaries
1:06 AM Better Than Ezra King of New Orleans Friction, Baby
1:10 AM Blind Melon Paper Scratcher Blind Melon
1:13 AM South Paint the Silence From Here On In
1:21 AM The Frivolous Funk Super Mario Bros. - Frivolous Funk
1:24 AM The Flaming Lips Halloween on the Barbary Coast Hit to Death in the Future Head
1:30 AM Garbage Not My Idea Garbage
1:33 AM The Dismemberment Plan Back and Forth Emergency & I
1:40 AM The Delgados No Danger The Great Eastern
1:47 AM Crooked Fingers The Rotting Strip Bring On the Snakes
1:53 AM Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang Twelve Thousand Miles Dislocation Blues
1:57 AM Eels Rotten World Blues Rotten World Blues EP
2:00 AM Dave Matthews Band Pantala Naga Pampa Before These Crowded Streets
2:01 AM Dave Matthews Band Rapunzel Before These Crowded Streets
2:07 AM Actionslacks I Hope This Makes it Easier For You The Scene's Out of Sight
2:11 AM Guided By Voices Motor Away Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
2:13 AM Violent Femmes Out the Window Why Do Birds Sing?
2:16 AM Yo La Tengo Sometimes I Don't Get You I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
2:20 AM R.E.M. The Apologist Up
2:25 AM Masters of the Hemisphere Give Me Something Clearly Protest a Dark Anniversary
2:30 AM The Extra Glenns Ultra Violet Martial Arts Weekend
2:33 AM Pete Yorn Strange Condition Musicforthemorningafter
2:36 AM Tracy Bonham You Can't Always Not Get What You Don't Want Down Here
2:41 AM Bran Van 3000 Mama Don't Smoke Glee
2:43 AM River City High Skip the Seventh Forgets Their Manners
2:47 AM Green Day Jesus of Suburbia American Idiot
2:56 AM Minor Threat Screaming at a Wall 20 Years of Dischord
2:58 AM Severin People Are Wrong 20 Years of Dischord
3:03 AM Blink 182 Emo Dude Ranch
3:06 AM Screeching Weasel The Girl Next Door Kill the Musicians
3:09 AM Bad Religion A Walk The Gray Race
3:11 AM Bagheera Long Division Twelves
3:15 AM Troubled Hubble To Be Alive and Alone Making Beds in a Burning House
3:19 AM Bad Astronaut Crestfallen Armchair Martian vs. Bad Astronaut
3:22 AM The Bicycle Theif Hurt You Come and Go Like a Pop Song
3:25 AM The Mountain Goats New Chevrolet in Flames See America Right
3:29 AM The Moore Brothers The Humans Will Take Care Colosssal Small
3:32 AM Spoon The Way We Get By Kill the Moonlight
3:35 AM David Kitt Step Outside in the Morning Light The Big Romance
3:42 AM The KLF What Time is Love? (LP Mix) The White Room
3:47 AM Girl Talk Can't Stop Unstoppable
3:51 AM Junkie XL Saturday Teenage Kick Saturday Teenage Kick
3:55 AM Paul Van Dyk We Are Alive Out There and Back

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

11. 2007-04-03

Artist Album TrackName
Jandek The Living End Take Me Away With You
A Scanner Darkly A Scanner Darkly Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Various Artists The RZA Presents: Afro Samuari (The Soundtrack) Stone Mecca - Oh
A.G. Get Dirty Radio Take a Ride (feat. Party Arty and Aloe Blacc)
The Alchemist 1st Infantry Tick Tock (feat. Nas and Prodigy)
Angra Aurora Consurgens Salvation: Suicide
Animal Collective Hollinndagain Forest Gospel
Another Electronic Musician Patience Green and Olive
The Apples in Stereo New Magnetic Wonder Play Tough
Aqueduct Or Give Me Death Living a Lie
The Arcade Fire Neon Bible Black Mirror
Autumn's End Act of Attrition Integrity
Baby Smiley Oscar Gardena presents Furthermore Furthermore
The Baldwin Brothers Return of the Golden Rhodes Just Me (On the Dance Floor)
Balun Something Comes Our Way Disappearing Act
Bang Gang Find What You Get EP It's Alright
Barn Burning Werner Ghost Truck Crossing the Rubicon
Baroness Second Red Sky
Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI Das Pesthaus/Miasma Epilog
The North Atlantic Wires in the Walls Scientist Girl
Steffen Basho-Junghans 7Books VI
Battles Mirrored Snare Hanger
Bedroom Walls All Good Dreamers Pass This Way Somewhere in Newhall
Beneath the Massacre Mechanics of Dysfunction Society's Disposable Son
Dave Bernabo Word Roses In Hell
Big Sir Und Die Scheibe Andert Sich Immer The Freeways of My Mind
The Big Sleep Son of the Tiger You Can't Touch the Untouchable
Big Tuck The Absolute Truth That What's Up (ft. Dre of Cool & Dre)
Binder & Krieglstein Alles Verloren Drink All Day
Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha Plasticities
The Black Keys Magic Potion Modern Times
The Black Watch Tatterdemalion The Angels Just Might Be On Her Side
Blotnik Brothers Mizuage In Technology We TRUST

Monday, April 02, 2007

93. 2007-04-02 "Why Don't You Sing Along? Why Don't You? Why Don't You?"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:00 AM Daniel Johnston Dream Scream The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered/Covered
12:04 AM Bright Eyes Devil Town The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered/Covered
12:07 AM The Postal Service This Place is a Prison Give Up
12:11 AM Death Cab for Cutie I Will Follow You Into the Dark Plans
12:14 AM The Flaming Lips Suddenly Everything Has Changed The Soft Bulletin
12:18 AM The Mountain Goats Wild Sage Get Lonely
12:23 AM Phish Brian and Robert The Story of the Ghost
12:26 AM Neutral Milk Hotel Two-Headed Boy In the Aeroplan Over the Sea
12:31 AM Nico These Days Chelsea Girl
12:34 AM The Velvet Underground Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground
12:39 AM Johnny Cash One American III: Solitary Man
12:43 AM Jeff Buckley Hallelujah Grace (Deluxe Edition)
12:50 AM Leonard Cohen Bird on a Wire Cohen Live
12:58 AM Warren Zevon Keep Me in Your Heart The Wind
1:02 AM Gomez We Haven't Turned Around Liquid Skin
1:08 AM R.E.M. Walk Unafraid Up
1:12 AM The Weakerthans (Hospital Vespers) Reconstruction Site
1:14 AM Ween Mutilated Lips The Mollusk
1:18 AM Tori Amos Smells Like Teen Spirit Crucify
1:22 AM Cat Power Werewolf You Are Free
1:26 AM Eels Bad News The End of Violence
1:30 AM Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Into My Arms The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
1:34 AM Radiohead Creep  
1:38 AM Turin Brakes Underdog (Save Me) The Optimist LP
1:42 AM Odetta Another Man Done Gone Absolutely the Best
1:44 AM Taj Mahal She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride The Best of Taj Mahal
1:47 AM Chuck Berry Maybellene The Chess Box
1:50 AM Lambchop Paperback Bible Damaged
1:57 AM Tom Waits Chocolate Jesus Mule Variations
2:02 AM Fatboy Slim Praise You You've Come a Long Way, Baby
2:07 AM The Waterboys The Stolen Child Fisherman's Blues
2:14 AM Pete Seeger Which Side Are You On? If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle
2:16 AM Dropkick Murphys Which Side Are You On? Sing Loud, Sing Proud!
2:20 AM Bob Marley & the Wailers Johnny Was Rastaman Vibrations
2:23 AM Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come The Harder They Come (Deluxe Edition)
2:27 AM Desmond Dekker & the Aces Israelites The Harder They Come (Deluxe Edition)
2:31 AM The Fugees No Woman, No Cry No Woman, No Cry
2:35 AM The Roots Distortion to Static Distortion to Static
2:40 AM Vale and Year You're a Good Man Famous Fights
2:43 AM Brad Yoder Superhero Someday or Never
2:45 AM The Bust American Paradise The Bust
2:49 AM We're Wolves Welcome to the Childhood Home of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino Welcome to the Childhood Home of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino
2:52 AM Norman Nardini Rock n' Roll City Redemption
2:56 AM Miroslav Summertime No Existo
3:00 AM My Sexiest Mistake Me Llamo Caliente Steel City Scene Dead End World
3:03 AM Nirvana tourette's In Utero
3:04 AM Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors Disney is the Enemy Sock Ray Blue!
3:08 AM Modest Mouse People as Places as People We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
3:13 AM The Rolling Stones Loving Cup Exile on Main St.
3:17 AM The Decemberists The Engine Driver Picaresque
3:23 AM Dear Leader My Heart is a Ghetto The Good Times Are Killing Me
3:26 AM Imperial Teen Yoo Hoo What is Not to Love
3:30 AM Fountains of Wayne This Better Be Good Traffic and Weather
3:33 AM Future Clouds & Radar This is Really a Book Promo
3:36 AM The Uninvited Too High for the Supermarker The Uninvited
3:41 AM Owsley Oh No the Radio Owsley
3:46 AM Urge Overkill Henhough: The Greatest Story Ever Told The Supersonic Storybook
3:51 AM Pizzicato Five The Girl From Ipanema Lounge-a-Palooza
3:55 AM Luna U.S. Out of My Pants! The Days of Our Nights