Monday, April 09, 2007

94. 2007-04-09 "Pure Self-Indulgence"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:07 AM The Pixies Where is My Mind? Death to the Pixies
12:11 AM Tom "T-Bone" Stankus Existential Blues Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
12:17 AM Johnny Cash Redemption Song (with Joe Strummer) Selections from Cash Unearthed
12:22 AM Nina Simone Sinnerman Verve//Unmixed 2
12:32 AM Santana Eurpoa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) Viva Santana
12:40 AM James Kochalka Superstar Britney's Silver Can Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly
12:45 AM Christine Fellows Vertebrae Paper Anniversary
12:49 AM John Vanderslice The Mansion Treats
12:54 AM Phish Chalkdust Torture A Live One
1:01 AM Rage Against the Machine The Ghost of Tom Joad No Boundaries
1:06 AM Better Than Ezra King of New Orleans Friction, Baby
1:10 AM Blind Melon Paper Scratcher Blind Melon
1:13 AM South Paint the Silence From Here On In
1:21 AM The Frivolous Funk Super Mario Bros. - Frivolous Funk
1:24 AM The Flaming Lips Halloween on the Barbary Coast Hit to Death in the Future Head
1:30 AM Garbage Not My Idea Garbage
1:33 AM The Dismemberment Plan Back and Forth Emergency & I
1:40 AM The Delgados No Danger The Great Eastern
1:47 AM Crooked Fingers The Rotting Strip Bring On the Snakes
1:53 AM Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang Twelve Thousand Miles Dislocation Blues
1:57 AM Eels Rotten World Blues Rotten World Blues EP
2:00 AM Dave Matthews Band Pantala Naga Pampa Before These Crowded Streets
2:01 AM Dave Matthews Band Rapunzel Before These Crowded Streets
2:07 AM Actionslacks I Hope This Makes it Easier For You The Scene's Out of Sight
2:11 AM Guided By Voices Motor Away Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
2:13 AM Violent Femmes Out the Window Why Do Birds Sing?
2:16 AM Yo La Tengo Sometimes I Don't Get You I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
2:20 AM R.E.M. The Apologist Up
2:25 AM Masters of the Hemisphere Give Me Something Clearly Protest a Dark Anniversary
2:30 AM The Extra Glenns Ultra Violet Martial Arts Weekend
2:33 AM Pete Yorn Strange Condition Musicforthemorningafter
2:36 AM Tracy Bonham You Can't Always Not Get What You Don't Want Down Here
2:41 AM Bran Van 3000 Mama Don't Smoke Glee
2:43 AM River City High Skip the Seventh Forgets Their Manners
2:47 AM Green Day Jesus of Suburbia American Idiot
2:56 AM Minor Threat Screaming at a Wall 20 Years of Dischord
2:58 AM Severin People Are Wrong 20 Years of Dischord
3:03 AM Blink 182 Emo Dude Ranch
3:06 AM Screeching Weasel The Girl Next Door Kill the Musicians
3:09 AM Bad Religion A Walk The Gray Race
3:11 AM Bagheera Long Division Twelves
3:15 AM Troubled Hubble To Be Alive and Alone Making Beds in a Burning House
3:19 AM Bad Astronaut Crestfallen Armchair Martian vs. Bad Astronaut
3:22 AM The Bicycle Theif Hurt You Come and Go Like a Pop Song
3:25 AM The Mountain Goats New Chevrolet in Flames See America Right
3:29 AM The Moore Brothers The Humans Will Take Care Colosssal Small
3:32 AM Spoon The Way We Get By Kill the Moonlight
3:35 AM David Kitt Step Outside in the Morning Light The Big Romance
3:42 AM The KLF What Time is Love? (LP Mix) The White Room
3:47 AM Girl Talk Can't Stop Unstoppable
3:51 AM Junkie XL Saturday Teenage Kick Saturday Teenage Kick
3:55 AM Paul Van Dyk We Are Alive Out There and Back

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