Monday, May 07, 2007

98. 2007-05-07 "On My Way the Other Way"

Air Time Artist Name Song Title Album Name
12:01 AM Rebirth Brass Band Don't U Wish We Come to Party
12:02 AM Milton Batiste & Mardi Gras Big Shots New Second Line New Orleans Second Line Mardi Gras Party
12:09 AM The Original Pin Stripe Brass Band E Flat Blues I Wanna Go Back to New Orleans
12:16 AM Rebirth Brass Band Freedom Kickin' it Live!
12:25 AM New Birth Brass Band Cell Block Nine New Orleans Second Line!
12:32 AM The Soul Rebels Skin Urban Legend
12:36 AM The Soul Rebels Free Your Mind Rebelology
12:44 AM 6th Ward Allstars Get it How You Live Straight from the 6th Ward
12:52 AM Youngblood Brass Band The Movement Center:Level:Roar
1:00 AM Fats Domino I'm Walkin' Antoine "Fats" Domino
1:03 AM Johnny Cash I Walk the Line The Legend of Johnny Cash
1:06 AM Ry Cooder Suitcase in My Hand My Name is Buddy
1:09 AM Ruby Cassanova Dogwalk Clicktrack
1:13 AM Bad Religion A Walk The Gray Race
1:15 AM Snow Patrol Run Final Straw
1:22 AM The Dudley Corporation A.M. In Love With
1:23 AM Michael Franti and Spearhead Time to Go Home Yell Fire!
1:29 AM Talking Heads Take Me to the River More Songs About Buildings and Food
1:34 AM Nina Simone Take Me to the Water Four Women
1:37 AM Rufus Wainwright California Poses
1:41 AM Jude Out of L.A. No One is Really Beautiful
1:46 AM Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication Californication
1:51 AM Armchair Martian Not a Dull Moment Bad Astronaut vs. Armchair Martian
1:54 AM Bagheera Not Chasing Ghosts Twelves
1:57 AM Drag the River Me & Joe Drove Out to California Plea for Peace Volume Two
2:00 AM moe. Mexico Headseed
2:07 AM Grateful Dead Jack Straw Hundred Year Hall
2:12 AM Train Idaho Train
2:17 AM Counting Crows Omaha August and Everything After
2:21 AM The Dwarves Salt Lake City Plea for Peace Volume Two
2:23 AM They Might Be Giants New York City Factory Showroom
2:27 AM Morcheeba What New York Couples Fight About (feat. Kurt Wagner) Charango
2:34 AM Phillip Walker Port Authority Blues Box of the Blues
2:39 AM The Innocence Mission Lake Shore Drive We Walked in Song
2:45 AM Troubled Hubble Everything's Going to be Fine (in Canada) The Sun Beamed Off the Name Maurice
2:48 AM The Mountain Goats Going to Cleveland Bitter Melon Farm
2:51 AM Atom & His Package Going to Georgia Redefining Music
2:54 AM Dead Kennedys Stars and Stripes of Corruption Frankenchrist
3:01 AM The Kleptones Are You a Visionary? Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots
3:06 AM Pete Seeger Waist Deep in the Big Muddy Headlines & Footnotes
3:09 AM Billy Bragg & Wilco Against th' Law Mermaid Avenue Vol. II
3:12 AM Phil Ochs I Ain't Marching Anymore I Ain't Marching Anymore
3:15 AM Dean Gray Boulevard of Broken Songs American Edit
3:20 AM Leonard Cohen The Partisan Songs From a Room
3:24 AM Roy Buchanan The Messiah Will Come Again The Atlantic Sessions
3:29 AM Dropkick Murphys The Rocky Road to Dublin Sing Loud, Sing Proud!
3:31 AM Soul Coughing Rolling El Oso
3:35 AM Moby South Side Play
3:39 AM Sonic Youth Death Valley '69 Screaming Fields of Sonic Love
3:44 AM Guided By Voices Motor Away Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
3:47 AM Geggy Tah Whoever You Are  
3:51 AM The Playmates Beep Beep Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
3:54 AM Chuck Berry No Particular Place to Go The Chess Box Collection Disc 3
3:57 AM The Twilight Singers Teenage Wristband  


Anonymous said...

Dude! Norm Nardini!

Anonymous said...

Steve Earle-F the CC