Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philadelphia Film Fest

This will be a placeholder until I can update it with more, but until then, I'll be attending the 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival.

If my students put that in a paper, I'd tell them they'd written a sentence that says nothing.

Of course I'd be attending the Fest. I love movies, I love weird movies, and I even love just going to movies so the Fest is right up my street. Plus festivals are one of the rare venues where you can see short films which tend to be amazing in ways wholly unexpected.

What makes my going to the Fest this year significant is that, thanks to UWishUNu, the Philadelphia tourism blog, I won two silver badges for the Festival. They include free entry into every screening plus access to various parties and the Festival bar. If you're anything like me, you stopped reading after "entry into every screening" because who gives a toss about the rest?

I'll be posting about every movie I see, but I wanted to throw this post up beforehand just to express my gratitude to both UWishUNu and the Philadelphia Film Society for the passes. I'd be trying to see as many films as I could regardless, but that would have come down to what I could afford. Now it's all an issue of scheduling.

I'm going to nerd out so hard you don't even know.

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