Saturday, September 26, 2015

Story Slam: Second Opinion

My first Story Slam piece since December of last year! I had some rough months there, y'all.

To make that sound less dramatic, competition to have your name pulled from the bucket to tell a story skyrocketed after First Person Arts started giving $100 to the night's winner (side note: I have not told a winning story since they announced the cash prize). Naturally, that affects the math of telling a story. So, on the nights when I felt like I had a story for the theme AND time to get out to the event AND actually made it out there, I didn't have my name pulled.

Anyway, here's the story relating some of my experience of being sent to the emergency room four years ago and the strange historical context that it's tied up in. This is a story I need to write up as an essay so I can actually explore the motif of fathers and sons that naturally recurs as well as the idea that President Obama and all the Republican candidates are moral voids.

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